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Ete​rnal Life Is A Matter of Vision

Blue Skies

Our Mission

To bring about a higher level of Consciousness by offering a forum for enlightened study, reflection and interaction for those desirous of comprehending their Cosmic Awareness and Inner Divinity, with a view toward bringing the information into practical use. We support all Beings of Light on the planet as we strive toward peace, love, truth and unity in the process of personal and planetary Ascension. 

  Who are the Guardians of the Earth?

There is a cosmic hierarchy and order to Heaven. As you enter this website, your mind will encounter truths that may resonate with your heart, yet baffle your intellect. Much of this information goes beyond the Human Mind and has been hidden from what has come to be Common Knowledge. But, the Cosmic Mind remembers and understands Cosmic Truth, and Cosmic Reality. The ever-unfolding spirals of space and time bury certain mysteries while uncovering others. All of this information is revealed in Divine Timing, many times in an intuitive way because it is so vast. 

We are each on our own journey, learning at our own pace and in our own time. What you find in the pages of this website may amaze you, frighten you, and also crack open the natural  fissure placed in your consciousness, that was destined to be opened to this greater, cosmic understanding at a specific time in the evolution of humanity. We are all in a state of cosmic evolution, as is Planet Earth. 

We are changing from a carbon-based to crystalline-based, higher frequency structure of existence, thereby allowing us to penetrate the veil, or barrier we have been experiencing between our dimension [3D] and the higher ones [5D and beyond]. Our bodies are changing. Many of us feel it by the change in our diet, the way we feel emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically; the understanding we suddenly have or crave to know about things we never knew. Planet Earth, the Consciousness named Gaia, is a sentient being. She too is evolving in like manner, and is ready to flash into her new light-body as we are also destined to, simultaneously with her. Cosmic Consciousness embraces the All That Is, Was and Ever Shall Be. 

There are many mansions to the Heaven worlds. We open this site with a brief presentation of some, but not all, of the cosmic beings assisting us with this evolution. The Original Brotherhood of Light, The Solar Lords/Archangels are united to ensure the liberation of this planet from eons of darkness, for our natural evolution back into our rightful place in the higher dimensions of the Heaven worlds. The time has come for the Great Awakening of the Kingdoms of the Earth: mineral, animal, insect, bird, and human. The changes both we and the planet are experiencing give evidence to this reality. Enter here with an open mind, an open heart, and experience the most incredible information you have ever come to know. Have faith all is well, and always shall be so. Lift your hearts. Godspeed with your own evolution, as we Ascend to the Throne of God, together, but separately, in our own way and time. We welcome you and bid you Love. 

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