The Art of Everlasting Life, by Robert Coon

Know, Oh Universe, That I Love You with All the Grace, 

And with All the Power, of the Love of Messiah...

That my awareness is Eternally caressing all Forms of Reality,

Sharing this Bliss in the most Beautiful and Creative Manifestations...

Let my Heart be possessed by the Spirit of Truth!

Let my Existence be Dedicated to the enlightenment of All

Consciousness throughout the Universe! Let my Enthusiasm be a Light

Of Love and Truth for all to Feel! Oh Let my Touch

Be the Highest Manifestation for the Will Divine!

Let my every Action transform this Reality into Greater

And more Loving Perfections! Let my Body be

The Most Sacred Temple of Truth! The Omega Point is Here!

I Proclaim the Victory of Peace throughout the Universe! 




Archangel Sandalphon - Earth Star Chakra

Archangel Gabriel - Base, Sacral and Navel Chakras

Archangel Uriel - Solar Plexus Chakra

Archangel Chamuel [Shamael] - Heart Chakra

Archangel Michael - Throat Chakra*

Archangel Raphael - 3rd Eye Chakra

Archangel Jophiel - Crown Chakra

Archangel Christiel - Causal Chakra

Archangel Mariel - Soul Star Chakra

Archangel Metatron - Overseer of Planetary Ascension, Etheric Retreat over the Temple in Luxor, Egypt - Stellar Gateway,  to the temporary 12 Sub-temples of the Etheric Rays of Light, which interface with the Intergalactic Council [see Intergalactic Intel and Ascended Masters in the other sections of this website]

Archangel Zadkiel - Interface with Cosmic Dragons, Violet Flame Alchemist clearing eons of negativity from the Earth's Planetary Grid system, Re-activating Human crystalline Light-body and  Atlantean/Lemurian ancient Master Crystals long buried within the Earth to aid in Ascension process. 

Archangel Joules - Associated with the Waters of the Earth.  Works closely with Poseidon, Master of Water and High Priest during Golden Era of Atlantis, The Sun and the Moon, which effect the rhythms of the tides, and all the Aquatic Kingdom, including the cosmic connection to the ascended aspects of the planets of Sirius, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, the Pleiades, the Constellation Pisces. 

Archangel Purlimiek - Kingdom of Nature

Archangel Fhelyai - Animal Kingdom

Archangel Preminelek - Insect Kingdom

Archangel Bhokpi - Bird Kingdom

Archangel Butyalil - working with Archangel Metatron to coordinate the Ascension of Earth with the Ascension of the other 12 Universes in this sector of Creation, which is his primary role. 

Archangel Azriel - He is a Power, an Angel of the 10th Dimensional frequency. His angels are stationed at the birth and death of both Humans and Animals on this planet. His angels are also present to assist humanity with any pain they suffer, especially at birth and death, but also at significant growth processes in ones life or traumatic events, such as divorce, loss of any kind, injury which usually triggers an initiation process into higher consciousness. 

from The The Archangel Guide to Ascension, 55 Steps to the Light, by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild. please go to

[Note: The chakras detailed above, are as described by Diana Cooper, in her book with Tim Whild, The Archangel Guide to Ascension, 55 Steps to the Light, are a part of the 12 Chakra, 5th Dimensional spectrum, as arranged in the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Light-body frequencies. They stand in contrast to the more familiar, 7 Chakra Carbon-based chakras many of us have been familiar with. The perceptions represented above, of the interface of these archangels with the particular chakras are also as outlined in the book. We are being guided to share this information here on the website, although, it is different from other information we have recently distributed on our Facebook Group page, where we held a 12 day Winter Solstice Vigil highlighting the Angels of Atlantis by  Stewart Pearce.[ ] We encourage you to  use your individual guidance and discernment to determine what feels most in alignment within your perception and personal experience. The supply of information for each archangel is limitless. 


Archangel Michael/Archeia Faith (1st Ray of Divine Will - Blue)

Archangel Jophiel/Archeia Christine (2nd Ray of Illumination - Yellow)

Archangel Chamuel/Archeia Charity (3rd Ray of Love - Pink)

Archangel Gabriel/Archeia Hope (4th Ray of Purity - White)

Archangel Raphael/Mother Mary (5th Ray of Truth/Healing - Green)

Archangel Uriel/Archeia Aurora (6th Ray of Peace/Service - Gold/Purple)

Archangel Zadkiel/Archeia Amethyst (7th Ray of Forgiveness/Transformation - Violet)

Archangel Metatron - Enlightenment/Knowledge - Golden Orange)

Archangel Sandalphon - Groundedness/Stability - Silver)


Archangel Michael, often referred to as "The Prince of Heaven, Lord of Light, Commander of Heavens Armies, and Protector of the Earth, is the most familiar and well know Archangel of all. There are many more Archangels, some known more than others. Some of these will be featured below. Michael is the great Patron Saint and protector over our Armed Forces, Emergency Services, Fire and Police personnel. He is also defender of the Children of Earth, as well as a great creator of Song, Holy Frequency and Music. He works directly with Archangel Metatron, Jesus Christ (Sananda), the Intergalactic Council of Light (Ascended Masters of Earth Wisdom, Ashtar  Command and many others involved in the Cosmic Evolution of this planet and of the 12 Universes in this sector of Creation.  He is  overseeing and protecting Earth and her occupants from the dark forces of the Universe, along with all the Legion of Light dedicated in service to the Will of the Divine Source of the All That Is. .