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What is Ascension?

Simply put, Ascension is evolving from lower to higher frequency, or vibration. It is the elevation of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual consciousness of humanity and the planet we live on, Earth. This page will give you an overview of this cosmic process, and direct you to  areas within this site and onto others where more information can be studied. 

Earth Changes and Cosmic Assistance

The ancient holy texts, monuments and sacred sites across the world are heavily bestowed with energetic frequency and symbology representing higher sources as guides for humanity. The Cosmic Plan for the Ascension of Planet Earth has been written and documented since ancient times, and is in the process of being implemented currently in our lifetimes. In more modern times, Its coming has been documented since the early part of the 20th century, some of which is described in the Urantia Book [c.1934]. More recently, at the end of the 20th century up until today, we have an ongoing supply of information coming in through multiple cosmic sources, which is being distributed throughout many social platforms and print media. The accompanying photo captures this phenomenon in a beautiful way. Click on the photo and open the door to a mind-bending journey into the Cosmic Plan for Humanity and our New Earth. Start with Book II entitled "THE EARTH CHANGES" for a status of what is happening in our world today, You can move back in time to Book I entitled "THE HIGHER KNOWLEDGE" to understand who we are as a species, or forward to Book III entitled "LIFE IN THE NEW AGE" for a glimpse into the future of our Planet and her inhabitants. 

10 Day Ascension Boost Meditations - December 2021

by Tim Whild & Diana Cooper

Day 1

Pre-Life Descisions

Day 2

Meeting Lady Gaia

Day 3

Metatron's Ascension Boost

Day 4

Metatron's Light Bath

Day 5

Petition the Intergalactic Council

Day 6

Building Your Crystalline Light Body

Day 7

The Great Central Sun

Day 8

The Ascension Path of Love and Kindness

Day 9

The Path of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Harmlessness

Day 10

The Lunar Influence


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