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Atlantean Crystal Technology


Crystal Technology 

in Golden Atlantis

Information and Meditation on Crystal Technology

Audiobook by Diana Cooper


[ YouTube Channel -  by Theo ACNL]

“Listeners will discover the extraordinary secrets behind Atlantean crystal technology and how it was used for travel, healing, energy, computers, architecture, development, and other employments in this spiritual reflection. Also disclosing how to access these powers, this meditation gathers inspiration from the Great Crystal.” – YouTube Channel by Theo  ACNL


[Information transcript - see below video for audiobook recording and Meditation]

Atlantis lasted for 240 000 years, and in all those centuries, only 1500 years were special. It was the awesome spiritual technology developed in the Golden Age that renders it so extraordinary. Because of their high consciousness, the people were able to access cosmic energy, and they used this power with integrity for the highest good of all.

The Golden Age arose at the start of the Fifth Atlantean Experiment; the first four had failed and been terminated. Now a new great crystal was provided made of pure source energy. It was absolutely enormous, and was housed in the Temple of Poseidon, which was situated on a mountain overlooking Atlantis.

The Great Crystal was a mainframe computer, containing infinite knowledge and information. It was programmed by the Intergalactic Council, the great beings in charge of the Atlantean experiment. When they believed that the people were ready for another level of technology, they would add new technological information to the data banks of the Great Crystal. They did this in exactly the same way that we work with computers today, but they used telepathy rather than a keyboard.

Within the Main Temple in each of the twelve communities, there was a large quartz crystal with the qualities of a computer. The information was downloaded from theGreat Crystal to the individual Temple Crystals, where it could be accessed by the Magi, who were the highly evolved and extensively trained shamans.

The Mage would go into deep trance and draw the information from his crystal. When he had received and understood it, he would pass it to the people in his region. For example, when the Intergalactic Council decided it was time to create airbuses, to replace individual flying transports so that many more people could travel, this vision, together with the technology to create it, was passed down through a Teaching Crystal.

The Intergalactic Council wanted the conditions in Atlantis to be controlled and unique, so a vast umbrella of pure high frequency energy was placed over the continent, creating a biosphere within which elements and atmosphere could be regulated. This is known as The Dome, and it acted as a protective bubble for Atlantis, was deliberately set apart from the rest of the world and had no communication with it. The Dome was powered by the Great Crystal, which was also a generator, and was linked to a network of crystal pyramids. They were located in the atmosphere, high above the continent and floated in a triangular formation, creating a grid of magnetic energy. Each pyramid had a large crystal on top of it; these acted like satellite computers and were spiritual substations to the main power station. They were also generators in their own right. The pyramids were antennae that sent signals throughout Atlantis to cells that needed to be powered, just like our mobile phone system. Now, the difference is that the Great Crystal and Pyramid crystals received their power from Source, so the current radiated was totally pure.

The Pyramid Crystals within the Dome also formed a grid equivalent to our electricity system today. People could plug into it with their Personal Crystals to access their energy requirements. On the ground, large crystals could draw on the force from the Global Grid for lighting, heating, transport or any other need. For example, a transporter wouldn't have an engine, only a crystal, which would resonate with a crystal above the nearest pyramid, and this would charge it.

The crystals also acted as batteries in which energy was stored, so that it could be accessed as required. The exciting news is that some of the Crystal Pyramids remain in the ethers of our physical world, where they energetically draw people to them for [Ascended] Masters and Archangels. You can visit them in meditation and dreams, or you can physically go to the location they over-light.

There is a Crystal Pyramid in the etheric above Mount Shasta, California the spiritual home of Archangel Gabriel. One is above Sedona [Arizona], another over Luxor, in Egypt, the spiritual home of [Ascended Master] Serapis Bey, who was a high priest at the spiritual height of Atlantis. One is placed above the sacred mountains of Tibet, another in the Gobi Desert, over Shambhala, the retreat of the Illumined Masters, and one in the Royal Teton retreat in Wyoming.These places were not in Atlantis, but now that the energy of the planet is starting to quicken, some of the pyramids [are] being placed above certain sacred spots on earth to facilitate the return of the high frequency light of Atlantis. It is anticipated that more Crystal Pyramids will be returned to accelerate our Ascension.

This Global Grid of magnetic energy was used to power Atlantis, and to keep the planet on its orbital path. The High Priests and Priestesses cooperated together to use the energy of the Dome to control the weather so perfectly, local eco-climates were created for each of the 12 regions. It was also used to provide an internet service throughout the continent. The wise and powerful High Priests and Priestesses knew that crystals [were] generators, storage batteries and amplifiers; that they have the ability to retain, maintain and transfer energy, so that it can be focused and transmitted over great distances. They understood that crystals have a consciousness, they are in touch with each other and transfer energy. For example, quartz can transfer information directly to quartz, which enables computers to operate, and that each individual kind of crystal has specific properties and powers that can be accessed and utilized. The Mighty Ones taught all this to the people.

In our current times we're starting to recognize the qualities of quartz crystals, and use them in computers; but, our understanding is simplistic in comparison with their incredible knowledge. This is only partly because most technologists believe that a crystal is an object which will do certain things. In the Golden Age [of Atlantis], they understood that a crystal is a living entity, which responds to human thought and energy. If you switch on a 10-watt bulb, you would only expect a very dim light. In the same way, if you program a crystal with a 10-watt quality thought, it will scarcely respond.The Atlanteans, with their open hearts and powerful minds, could switch on the crystals and access their potential by their conscious intent and loving focus. This is something we must start to develop and practice.

Great quartz Generator Crystals aided the Atlanteans in the dematerialization of objects.All rubbish was disposed of in this way. They were also used for teleportation: the ability to move through time and space, and re-materialize somewhere else; and they assisted telekinesis the levitation and transport of objects, especially large blocks of stone for building purposes.

Of course, the people were only able to work with these crystals by maintaining their vibration high and pure. The Great Crystal and Crystal Grid were programmed to provide an internet service. Individuals could access information from a Teaching Crystal: they did not need to download their lessons into their screen via their keyboard. Instead, they would place their Personal Crystal by the Teaching Crystal so that the necessary lessons would be transferred. Then, they would concentrate on their [Personal Crystal], ask their questions, and receive the knowledge directly into their Third Eye. Even small children would learn in this way in the Temple schools from their individually programmed quartz [crystal].

The people of the Golden Age [of Atlantis] programmed crystals to help plants grow. They knew which crystals vibrated with which type of plant and would assist the growth and health of the crop. For example, Dendritic Agate enhanced the yield, and this crystal was also used to stabilize the vortices within the Earth's energy field. Boji stones were arranged amongst the foliage to facilitate luxurious growth; Green Tourmaline and Lithium Quartz were programmed to heal plants and animals as the purity of Atlantis diminished.

Lithium Quartz crystals were placed in pools and drinking water to purify it by working with nature. The farmers produced food that was rich in nourishment in a way that we can simply no longer comprehend. It contained Prana, divine life force, so that people needed to ingest very little food for optimum health and vitality. Skilled Healer Priests could perform blood-free surgery with crystal laser wounds, even the most delicate brain surgery, and they understood how to amplify crystal power with color and sound to knit bones or rebalance people. Patients were placed in a crystal cave to accelerate healing, or they were surrounded by a grid of crystals. Often the crystals were placed in a sacred geometric shape around their body to form the pattern of their Divine Perfection, which encouraged their cells to align to their Original Divine Blueprint.

The only adornment worn by the people of the Golden Age [of Atlantis] was a crystal programmed for higher consciousness. The highly developed minds of the people were pure, focused and highly trained so they could hold a complex image of what they wanted to create. Simple things didn't require crystal help, but complicated forms did for manifestation. The visualization would be amplified by their crystal, and impressed onto the Inner Planes, to draw physical matter from the un-manifest world.

One of the secrets of their great technology, was that they could use thought-power to manipulate or fashion matter. If a town wanted to create a magnificent bridge, the Mage, supported by the people, would focus the picture of it onto his crystal. In his mind, he would hold every little detail until it was so impressed onto the universe that it would emerge as a solid physical form. In this way, incredible soaring buildings were created, as were huge silent transporters traveling at unimaginable speeds, without engines, powered solely by a large quartz crystal, which was linked into the Crystal Energy Grid because their frequency matched that to the Elemental Intelligence within the crystal.Everyone could ask their crystals to light up, and they would respond thus providing free illumination. Certain crystals were programmed to light up at specific times, so evenings were lit by soft crystal glow.

All the knowledge gained by each tribe, plus information about Human Origins and theMysteries of Life, were programmed into special advanced computers, in the shape of a skull. There were 12 Crystal Skulls and a 13th Master [Crystal] Skull which were fashioned from a single block of quartz by thought power and mind control. Each was the size of our human skull with a jaw that moved so they were able to speak and sing. Within the crystal was a network of prisms and lenses. At the Fall of Atlantis, they were taken by the Priestesses to new lands where they were hidden. All these skulls will reappear when humans are sufficiently sensitive to tune into their very high vibration, to access the information and use it with integrity.

The Atlanteans used crystals to enhance healing, develop psychic abilities and to enable people in meditation. To connect with Source, the divine energy locked within them [the crystal Devas] helped individuals to increase their mental capacity and focus their thoughts with clarity. They let the crystal computers do the left-brain work, so that they could use their remaining time to relax, contemplate connecting with nature, enjoy life and create. When computer technology was returned to Humanity in recent times, the Spiritual Hierarchy intended that we emulate this way of being.

Information & Meditation 

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