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Health and Immortality 

Health and Immortality

We are spiritual, Divine beings having a Human experience. We are having many of them in many different dimensions and different timelines: past, present and future. Our Higher Consciousness is more vast than we can comprehend, yet if we just allow our hearts, our minds to imagine the possibility of this, we may be able to nudge that door a bit, then a little more, and a little more until it swings open and wide for the information to pour into us from on high. This truth is expressed throughout this website. If you do not believe it to be so, open your mind. Follow your curiosity and see where it takes you within this arena. It is our mission to assist those in struggle with what their hearts tell them, realizing they are perceiving things that their minds have never comprehended. 

We, in the Third Dimension, perceive that we are  are made of four separate, perceptible planes: Physical, Emotional, Mental and for some, Spiritual. It is the purpose of this section to explain how physical manifestation of health effects, illnesses, are but outer symptoms of spiritual disease. We are here to experience human emotions and mentality, to learn lessons we are not able to experience in the higher realms. This planet, our beloved Mother Earth, is something of a learning academy. We have come to know that in this blessed life on Earth,  we have the gift of Free Will to make choices, with benefits and consequences. It is the very best school in the entire Universe, with many Halls of Learning in the etheric realms immediately above our cities and significant sites across the planet. There is a whole Heavenly Hierarchy available to assist us with our learning, especially during our dreamtime.  It is a privilege for souls to come here to learn. Some learn better and faster than others, but we are all generally on the same road, to greater or lesser degrees. 

One of our biggest learning responsibilities on the road of consciousness evolution is to refrain from negative thinking, feelings and activity. One of our greatest challenges is to stay positive, help each other and love one another. We are tasked with achieving this state of being before the miracles will occur, although many happen in front of us if we only had eyes to see. If we are to evolve into a higher level of consciousness, as is in alignment with human and planetary destiny, we must learn to care for ourselves first, then our families, communities, nations and then the entire world, including all the kingdoms of animals ,etc. who live here.  Of course we also must include Planet Earth, Gaia herself. We must learn to cherish life in all its forms and honor it. Learn how to treat others as we would wish to be treated, and become responsible and accountable for our actions. We must learn the art of harmless living, and learn to right our wrongs. 

There is information contained elsewhere on this site where some of this Ancient Wisdom is offered. It is but a small taste of what your Inner Guidance has to tell you. Allow yourselves to journey further into these pages with an open heart and mind, to experience the enlightenment you were born to experience in this lifetime. You would not be reading these words if this were not so. 

Before we begin with a well-known manual for a list of the emotional and mental discomforts that causes physical ailments, let's first look to the Divine message delivered from Archangel Michael on 1-20-2020, the night of the Full Wolf Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Following this, we have placed a video of Dr. Emmett Miller, a mathematician and M.D., who has summed up our understanding in a very succinct and informative video., Next, we have placed an excerpt from Louise Hay's  seminal piece:  "You Can Heal Your Life". Beyond that, we will get into the relationship between negative thinking and its complete removal along the road to perfect health and Immortality. 

OPEN YOUR HEART AND MIND....listen to your Inner Guidance.

About this book

Iconic writer, publisher and healer, Louise Hay's masterpiece on self healing, "You Can Heal Your Life", is a well-known, go-to reference book for discovering the emotional and mental causes of our physical symptoms. Louise Hay is credited with healing herself from cancer, and has experience with tuning into her own body and guidance for this information. Much of it resonates with the consciously aware community. We have itemized the list below for convenience, but highly recommend consulting the book directly for more information. 


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