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The Winds of Truth - Archangel/Lord Michael/Mikaal


The Lodge of the Silver Leaf (Lily)

of the 

White [Holy] Brotherhood

Six Books were channeled to Ms. DeVere Smith in 1943 by Lord Mikaal a/k/a Archangel Michael. They are summarized below from the website The Winds of Truth Trust htt​ps:// - and are referenced in the work  of Ismael Perez (Our Cosmic Origin)


It all began in West Hampstead, London, when a Mrs De Vere Smith (Chavarinis), assisted by her husband Inhunio (Yanihian names given by The Lord Mikaal) was told by the Lord Mikaal (Archangel Michael) that he wished her and her soul half, David, to be the instruments for the production of his book: "The Winds of Truth". The Yanihian Script was penned in the West Hampstead Sanctuary called: "The Lodge of the Silver Leaf", and over the space of a few years the book was completed in around 1938.

With the outbreak of the second world war, they and their friends, including Mr and Mrs Abbott, were advised to move out of London to Glastonbury into a house on Fishers Hill where another sanctuary was created called: "The Lodge of the Silver Lily". The five other books were channelled in this sanctuary during the early 1940's.

On Chavarinis's passing in 1943, the sanctuary was dissolved and Mr and Mrs Abbott moved to Ashwell Lane in 1945, establishing another sanctuary here. [at Burnham-on-Sea]. 

- Quoted from The Winds of Truth website -

This website and its videos are sincerely dedicated in Service to 

Universal Creator/God Almighty, 

Lord Mikaal/Archangel Michael,  

the Solar Lords [The Great White Brotherhood], 

The Holy Order of the Graal & Humanity

Wings of Light video - 

Introduction to the Winds of Truth Books


*All items below printed exactly as seen on Winds of Truth website. 

Please go there directly to purchase. Send email  request to the Trustees to purchase set of Books. . 

The Winds of Truth -The Yanihian Script - Book 1 

Lord Mikaal/Archangel Michael

  • First Three Parts in series.
  • The Yanihian Script describing the birth of the Earth and the first Earth age of Yanini.
  • The Fall of man during Atlantis.
  • The Arthurian Legends - describing King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
  • The Great Lord Jesias, Lord of the Ray of Life and Love, who came to Earth as Jesus.
  • The 12 great Cosmic Rays - description of the 12 Solar Lords (Archangels) who control these rays for God.

The Records of Egypt & Hyipta - Book 2 - Lord Mikaal/Archangel Michael

  • Fourth Part  in series.
  • Describing the civilisation and events prior to recorded history.
  • The truths of the great pyramids and sphinx.
  • The rise and fall of that great nation.
  • 25 pages.

The Universes of God - Book 3 - Lord Mikaal/Archangel Michael

  • Fifth Part in series. 
  • Describing the Twelve Universes surrounding the Holy of Holies (the Home of God).
  • Our planet of Earth lying in the outer ring of creation, the Twelfth Universe.
  • 36 pages

The Twelve Solar Planes - Book 4 - Lord Mikaal/Archangel Michael

  • Sixth Part in series. 
  • Describing the Solar Planes or Sun.
  • The 12 planes inhabited by Solar beings [angels] who work under individual Solar Lords [Archangels] controlling these Rays for the benefit of beings on all planets within all Solar Systems.

The Testament of Love - Book 5 - Lord Mikaal/Archangel Michael 

                                                 and other Solar Beings

  • Seventh Part in series.
  • Describing the Second and Final Earth Mission of Jesus during the Second World War and his final ascension from the Chalice hill in Glastonbury.
  • 44 pages.

"My Son" - Book 6  - by Mariya - Mother of Jesus

  • Eighth Part in series. 

  • Describing the life of Jesus from birth through childhood.

  • His two visits to Glastonbury with his Uncle Joseph of Arimathea.
  • His earthly teaching and healing ministry with the 12 disciples.
  • His time spent with the Essene brotherhood in Egypt.
  • His battle with Samanah (Lucifer) during his 48 days in the desert.
  • His final days and resurrection.

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